Ideal Camper

Choosing the right type of vehicle for your campervan conversion is critical.  You need a vehicle that matches your camping requirements, budget and vehicle maintenance skill level. Choosing the right vehicle from the start means you may neglect something for your business.  Choosing the wrong vehicle means delays in starting your conversion, and it’ll probably cost you money too. We think that the best camper van should not depend on the your vehicle brandname or model. It is important that depending on your life/business style you should always sale your Van. Your request for Camping life, options, features, comfort details and all your demands should be gathered on a independed “Living Unit” and stay with you even if you sale your vehicle (Van or MiniVan).         Our philisophy is “VEHICLES CAN BE SOLD/CHANGED  BUT YOUR CAMPER SHOULD ALWAYS STAY WITH YOU!” DonerCamp offers you unique solution that not depend on your vehicle brandname or models. DonerKamp offers you real freedom by making available 4 person to Travel/Camp,without bounding with license requirement, engaging any trailer or limiting the travel speed’

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